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Our Work

Consumer ACAlogy Whitepapter

The Client

With more than 75 years of cumulative experience applying consumer insights in P&G’s healthcare division, c2b solutions collaborates with healthcare organizations on patient engagement strategies that succeed in a reform environment. The brand’s propriety psychographic segmentation model and market research offer these businesses much-needed insight into the needs, wants, attitudes and motivations of healthcare consumers.

Our Objective

c2b solutions had an innovative product and business model that could revolutionize how healthcare organizations understand and engage with consumers — but needed a platform and a strategy for sharing their message online.

The Work

Cleriti worked with c2b solutions to develop and execute a digital go-to-market plan, helping build the brand from the ground up.

Starting with a robust buyer persona, Cleriti outlined and executed a series of inbound marketing campaigns that conveyed the value of c2b solutions’ consumer behavior research and insights model and established the brand as a thought leader in the industry.

The Results Are In: 2,000 visitor traffic increase, 45% lead generation conversion rates, 500+ blog visits each month.