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Healthcare Insights Inbound Marketing Case Study


Healthcare Insights is a cost accounting software for hospitals and health systems to streamline their financial management and operations to provide the best possible service. During a time of major change in the healthcare industry, the leadership team at Healthcare Insights wanted to educate their customers and establish thought leadership in a niche space to drive organic growth for their business. Healthcare Insights was referred to Cleriti for inbound marketing services in 2013 by their HubSpot account manager for our familiarity within the healthcare and technology industries. We have worked together through a round of rebranding, followed by acquisition and still work closely and value the partnership today.


Visits to Website 1,007 Per Month (Avg)
Landing Page Conversion Rate 43% (Avg)
Keywords Ranked in Top 10 33
Tasks Completed by Cleriti 3,850 (as of Feb 2016)
Year Over Year Growth 150% (Avg)


Healthcare Insights, based in Atlanta and a part of Premier, Inc. offers an end-to-end view of cost management for hospital and health systems. In an age of healthcare reform, operational and financial teams have an increasing amount of responsibility and must be able to adapt with changes.

With effective cost management, healthcare and hospitals are able to deliver more efficient, higher quality care. 

Cleriti provides the following marketing service to Healthcare Insights:

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