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  • The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Campaign Workbook

    The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Campaign Workbook

    Our ultimate workbook will give you a step-by-step guide — plus the tools, templates and resources — you need to plan effective, quarterly inbound marketing content campaign.

  • How to Align Sales and Marketing

    How to Align Sales and Marketing Teams to Close More Deals

    This eBook is designed to help align your sales and marketing teams, break down traditional silos and get the results you want. Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams.

  • Marketing Program ROI

    How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Program

    Executives and managers are looking for numbers to see the results their marketing spend is producing. How does one track and measure the buyer’s journey when it isn’t linear?

  • Content-Marketing-Process.png

    How to Develop a Time-Saving Content Marketing Process

    In marketing, content is king and we live in his kingdom. However, content is only worthy of its crown if it provides an experience that attracts the right audience and leads potential buyers to convert.

  • Doing-Inbound.png

    If You’re Not Doing Inbound, You’re Not Doing Digital Marketing

    Inbound marketing is a strategic way that pulls together your digital marketing efforts to attract more visitors to your website, convert them into leads and nurture them to become customers.

  • Effective Marketing Strategy

    Your Plan Doesn’t Work: How to Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

    It’s the age of the consumer, even in the B2B sector. To maximize your marketing ROI, you have to develop a plan that is not only trackable, but also targets real decision makers with authentic tactics.

  • c2b-resource.jpg

    c2b solutions: Driving Patient Engagement Through Research

    c2b Solutions, a startup healthcare analytics company in the age of healthcare now has a way to organically grow their company, drive brand awareness and create new opportunities.

  • hci-resources.jpg

    Healthcare Insights: A Holistic View Into Healthcare Cost Accounting

    During a time of major change, executives at Healthcare Insights wanted to educate their customers and establish leadership in a niche space to drive organic growth for their business.

  • sugarcreek-resource.jpg

    SugarCreek: Specializing in Bacon Manufacturing and Sous Vide

    SugarCreek, a bacon manufacturer of 50 years brought their brand to today's modern standards. It was very important to take control of how customers and employees perceive them.

  • amg-resources.jpg

    Advent Media Group: National Magazine Advertising in Local Markets

    When shifting from outbound to inbound, having resources that answer questions from customers and potential clients help align marketing and sales to get better results.

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